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21st Century Themes

21st Century Themes include Global Awareness; and Environmental, Financial, Civic, and Health Literacy.

Mukuyuni Bridge Kenya

Dec 07, 2018


Building Relationships and Empathy with EdTech

One of the most powerful moments in my 22 years of teaching occurred on the last day of the school year. 

During the first week of school, my students in rural Pennsylvania played a game via Skype with a group of students in a rural Kenyan village. During that call, they learned of a bridge in the village so dangerous that many children were not able to go to school because of it. Over the course of the school year, the children in Kenya taught my students how to garden. In exchange, my students designed and fundraised to replace that bridge. 

Children in eastern Finland in what is considered one of the most important activities of the day: recess.

Nov 23, 2018


Can this 12-Step Program from Finland Aid U.S. Education?

We are two American public-school dads who just returned from a fact-finding trip through Finland.

We wanted to see what the United States could learn from an education system that consistently receives top marks from UNICEF, the OECD, and the World Economic Forum.

Nov 15, 2018


Educational Augmented Reality (AR) Geocaching Game

Using Magnate Interactive’s Waypoint EDU, a free geocaching and scavenger hunt app for iOS, teachers can create an augmented-reality game with multiple-choice questions. The process is quick and easy: Teachers open up the app, tap Create, and give their hunt a title and description.

Nov 15, 2018


Interactive Book That Explores the Surprising Side of Color

When is yellow yellower than yellow? What color is a whisper? What’s missing from the palette of Renaissance painters? Students can explore the surprising side of color with Color Uncovered, an interactive book for iOS and Android.

Nov 15, 2018


Resources for Strengthening Awareness of Digital Citizenship

The Digizen website provides information for educators, parents, caregivers, and young people to strengthen their awareness and understanding of digital citizenship and encourages technology users to be responsible DIGItal citiZENS.

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