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Nov 22, 2019


How to Use Storytelling to Inspire Epic Learning in Your Classroom

How many times have you listened to a lecture, memorized the information, and passed the exam only to be unable to recall most of what you learned just weeks later? How many times have you read a powerful story or watched a movie and been able to recall the plot years later? Information presented in a story doesn’t fade away after it’s been used; it sticks in the mind, ready to be accessed and used at any time.

Teacher Grant

Aug 15, 2019


Grant to Advance Student Learning offers a $1,000 Grant for Teachers to support them in developing curricula, purchasing supplies, or implementing projects that positively impact students and improve learning. In applying for the grant, teachers should describe their challenges with individualized instruction and relate how they overcame those challenges.

podcast on how children learn

Aug 15, 2019


Podcast Exploring Innovations in Education

The MindShift podcast investigates innovations and issues that are shaping how children learn. Topics include “How Teachers Designed a School Centered On Caring Relationships,” “Why Ninth Grade Can Be a Big Shock For High School Students,” and “Overcoming Childhood Trauma: How Parents and Schools Work to Stop the Cycle.”

The International Literacy Association 2019 Conference

Aug 15, 2019

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The International Literacy Association 2019 Conference

How can educators and administrators create the environment students need to reach their full potential in the classroom and throughout their lives? By infusing literacy in every aspect of education! The ILA 2019 Conference offers these professional learning opportunities to enhance literacy instruction:

* Two full days of professional learning on the topics you want, delivered in a variety of styles

* Two optional, additional days of deep-dive learning into children’s literature and today’s hottest literacy topics

* A well-rounded program of research-based and peer-reviewed sessions to help you empower your students and create an inclusive learning community

Visit to register.

Teaching and Creativity Go Hand in Hand

May 24, 2019


Engaging Teaching is About Flexing Our Creative Muscles

Sir Ken Robinson once said in a TED Talk that "Teaching is creative profession."

I love that line. 

Because of systems in place, as well as cultural stereotypes, and Mrs. Crabapple from The Simpsons, it is very easy to believe that teachers are just walking textbooks, or playback machines, or mindless dictators (ok, maybe I can be a little dictatorish sometimes). But these descriptions are limiting, because at the heart of teaching is creativity.


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