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Online Graduate School at Penn State

Feb 15, 2019

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Opportunity to Advance Your Career in Education

Penn State’s M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, with five areas of emphasis to choose from, and the Graduate Certificate in Children's Literature are taught by distinguished faculty from Penn State’s College of Education and conveniently offered online through Penn State World Campus. No matter where you are in the world, you can pursue a master’s degree or certificate backed by a world-class reputation and accreditation, student support team, and a powerful network of students, mentors, and alumni. Penn State is accepting applications for the spring 2019 semester. Take the next step to advance your career in education and become part of the Penn State network of more than 692,000 alumni.

Collaborate with Educators

Feb 15, 2019


Collaborative Workshops Exploring Innovative Education Trends

From the latest tech to the newest assessment trend, it’s difficult for classroom teachers to stay on top of everything. The Educator Innovation Lab is a place where teachers can identify an area of desired growth and then try innovative ideas in that area in the classroom.

Let Follett find your pre-owned text books.

Feb 15, 2019

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Save on Textbooks and Supplementary Materials

It’s easy to find and save on textbooks and supplemental materials with the Follett Reserve Stock Program. Share their textbook list with Follett, and Follett will start sourcing certified pre-owned books for you. Reserve your books now so that once your funds are available, your textbooks will be too.

What's your passion?

Feb 08, 2019


What’s Your Why?

I've had the opportunity to speak at various colleges around my state this year. Although each campus has its own flavor, I am guaranteed to be asked one question at some point in my visit—usually from a student teacher. Although it comes in many forms, it goes something like this: “I'm student teaching. Whenever other teachers in my building find out I’m going to become a teacher they ask why. They say get out while you still can.”

Although I disagree with the statement, the question is necessary—why are you teaching? My why comes in two parts: it’s for myself and my students.

Foster a Growth Mindset

Feb 01, 2019


Push (Ups) for Growth

By the time students reach high school, they have fully embraced a particular idea of themselves as a learner. I frequently hear students say things like “I’m not good at math,” “reading is too hard,” or “I don’t do well on tests.” These comments are made by bright young people who are too young to give up. What I know for certain is that they want and need a teacher to tell them they are wrong.

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