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Social-emotional learning and technology

Dec 06, 2019


The Partnership of Technology and Social–Emotional Learning in Education

Students come to school with, as Dr. Adolph Brown describes, two backpacks. One of the backpacks contains academic tools, such as pencils, calculators, and textbooks, that represent their readiness to learn. The second backpack represents the invisible emotional weight that burdens each student entering our school buildings. Anxiety, stress, rage, self-doubt, and low self-worth resulting from bullying, child abuse, substance abuse, and neglect cannot be unpacked and shoved into a school locker. This backpack accompanies students throughout the school day and impacts their engagement, attentiveness, and interactions. Educators don’t always see the contents of this backpack, yet they witness its negative impact on student learning every day. So how can educators and leaders reach these students? How can we unburden them and teach them coping and relationship skills that allow them to participate in their education fully?

NWEA delivers the insights that help students learn, teachers teach, and leaders lead.

Dec 02, 2019

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Assessment That Reaches All Students

The MAP Suite brings learning into focus—so educators can support growth, skills mastery, and early literacy for every student. This cohesive assessment system from the nonprofit NWEA illuminates student learning, helps teachers target instruction, and gives administrators what they need to help their districts thrive.

Steps to Create a Crowdfunding Campaign

Nov 08, 2019


Six Steps to Crafting a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

With all of the great success stories out there about crowdfunding, you may be wondering if it’s time to give it a try. Crowdfunding can be a helpful resource to support a special project, but only if you take the time to craft a compelling campaign. Here are the steps to take to ensure your project is successfully funded.

ClassLink empowers your students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources.

Nov 01, 2019

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More Time Learning, Less Time Logging In

ClassLink empowers students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources. ClassLink LaunchPad includes a library of more than 6,000 single sign-on apps and instant links to file folders at school and on Google, Office 365, Box, and Dropbox cloud drives. ClassLink Analytics gives decision-makers the usage data they need. Your school district has invested heavily in the adoption of digital learning resources, but how much do you know about how often they are actually used? Find the answers you’re looking for with reports accessible on any device.

Plagiarism detection from TurnItIn

Nov 01, 2019

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Empower Educators to Teach Originality

With Turnitin Feedback Studio’s similarity checking service, leverage the world’s largest collection of internet, academic, and student paper content. Teaching originality requires more than just plagiarism detection. Paired with commenting and grading tools and classroom resources, Feedback Studio helps teach students the value of their authentic voice.


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