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Learning enhancement and improving the educational performance; resources to evaluate student knowledge, growth, and understanding.

Conference for Learning, Teaching, & Leading

Jan 15, 2020

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Zero in on the Best Innovative K–12 Learning Event for Teachers

Award-winning and innovative, ASCD’s EMPOWER places your professional development at the forefront of its whole child focus. EMPOWER is ASCD’s annual and highly acclaimed professional development conference for all K–12 educators. Explore vibrant sessions taught by education authors and thought leaders who are redefining instructional approaches and mindsets. You will find sessions covering access, assessment, equity, literacy, STEM, Differentiation, Coherence, Design Thinking, Social–Emotional Learning, trauma-informed practices, Restorative Justice, Growth Mindsets, and much more.

NWEA delivers the insights that help students learn, teachers teach, and leaders lead.

Dec 02, 2019

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Assessment That Reaches All Students

The MAP Suite brings learning into focus—so educators can support growth, skills mastery, and early literacy for every student. This cohesive assessment system from the nonprofit NWEA illuminates student learning, helps teachers target instruction, and gives administrators what they need to help their districts thrive.

Equity in the Classroom

Apr 05, 2019


Checking our Systems for Equity: Six Practical Ideas

As teachers, we must check our systems for equity each time we walk into our classrooms. The key word here is “systems,” for without thoughtful practices, even the most well-intentioned among us fall into the old traps of expediency, implicit bias, and tradition. Here are a few practical structures I use as equity checks that take very little time to implement.

Using Lumilo mixed-reality glasses, teachers can instantly get student statistics through AI-powered educational technology.

Jun 01, 2018


Smart Glasses That Drive Intelligent Learning

Lumilo is a pair of mixed-reality smart glasses that provides teachers with continuous, real-time feedback about their students’ learning, metacognition, and behavior, informing them on the potential effects of their teaching.

MAP Assessment

Feb 01, 2018


Online Adaptive Reading Assessment

Teachers typically listen to young children read aloud individually to assess their early literacy skills, but a new online reading assessment by NWEA aims to modernize this process by having students read text aloud from a computer screen or tablet and speak into a microphone to record their voices.


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