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Civic Literacy

Participating effectively in civic life, staying informed and understanding government processes, and exercising the rights and obligations of citizenship.

Writing Contest on Real-World Issues

Dec 02, 2019


Write for Rights Project

Write for Rights introduces students to human rights by writing letters to help 10 real young people around the world who are at risk just for their peaceful human rights activism. By participating in Write for Rights, students develop effective writing skills and experience firsthand the power of their words to make a difference.

Democracy and Dictatorship

Oct 15, 2019


Virtual Classroom Visits on Protecting Democracy

In September 2019, author Kenneth C. Davis began offering free virtual classroom visits on the subject of democracy and dictatorships. The intent of the virtual visits is to speak with middle school and high school students and their teachers about what democracy is, what threatens democracy today, and how to protect it.

Global Citizenship Sustainability

Oct 01, 2019


Games That Teach Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

Learning through digital technology and video games can lead to more peaceful societies, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the educational arm of the United Nations. The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development has created two games aimed at teaching students about global citizenship and sustainable development.

Sep 16, 2019


Constitution Day Viewing Party

iCivics and Discovery Education will present a special virtual viewing party for students and teachers in observance of Constitution Day 2019. Politics and government can often seem like the dominion of adults, and school-aged children may not realize that they too have a voice in American society.

Constitution Day

Sep 16, 2019


Program to Cultivate Habits of Civil Dialogue

Just in time for National Constitution Day (September 17), the National Constitution Center has a new initiative for constitutional education and civil dialogue. Through the Center’s Classroom Exchanges program, teachers engage students in dialogue and deepen their constitutional knowledge.


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