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Computational Thinking

Solving problems, designing systems and understanding human behavior drawing on concepts fundamental to computer science.

STEM environmental awareness game

Sep 05, 2019


Game Pairing Environmental Concepts with Computational Thinking

The Pack, created by the New York Hall of Science, is an open virtual-world game based around two timely STEM subjects—environmental awareness and computational thinking. The game is set in a future world where healthy ecosystems have faltered and resources are scarce.

STEM Rube Goldberg

Jun 17, 2019


Competition Celebrating Rube Goldberg’s Legacy

Rube Goldberg, Inc. develops curricula designed to bring laughter and invention together in STEM- and STEAM-friendly activities. A Rube Goldberg Machine (RGM) is a crazy contraption that accomplishes a simple task in the most complicated—and funniest—way possible.

Jun 14, 2019


Communicate – Collaborate – Create: Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Even Exist

In addition to communicating with humans and machines, tomorrow's jobs will require employees to collaborate with their fellow co-workers, as well as the machines that will be working side by side with our employees. By offering high tech learning environments, we will ensure our students have the skills and comfort level to collaborate with both humans and robotics in the workplace. 

Game Computational Thinking Problem Solving

May 15, 2019


Game Integrating Computational Thinking and Environmental Problem Solving

The New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) pioneered Design–Make–Play, a novel approach to learning and engagement, drawing on deeper learning research and supporting the creation of learning experiences that develop critical thinking, knowledge integration, innovation, and creativity skills.

Mar 01, 2019


Coding Adventures for Beginners

Grasshopper is an app by Area 120 for both Android and iOS users who want to learn to code with JavaScript. The app was created by one of Google’s experimental project teams.

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