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Deafness/Hearing Disability

Hearing impairment that is so severe that it adversely affects educational performance. A person is impaired in processing lingustic information through hearing, with or without amplification.

autism awareness

Apr 15, 2020


SPOTLIGHT! On Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness Month, and Apple is marking the occasion by posting a digital art gallery of works created by artists on the autism spectrum. The project, which is curated by the nonprofit Art of Autism, is being unveiled over the course of the month. “Created on iPad Gallery” features the work of 15 artists from the autistic community who hail from across the US and Canada. The participants have differing abilities and are different ages. In addition to sharing the work of these artists, teachers and parents can tap these free programs to support educating children with autism and other special needs:

Home Curriculum for Early Autism Education

Media to Help Children with Autism and Visual Impairment or Hearing Loss

May 17, 2019


Our Top Five Resources in April 2019

Each month we publish blogs and several newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are items from our blogs and newsletters that educators turned to the most in April.

Autism and Blindness Deafness

Apr 15, 2019


SPOTLIGHT! On Autism, Hearing Loss, and Visual Impairment

When a young child has autism, screening for hearing loss and visual impairment can be difficult. A number of resources are available to help families and professionals work together to appropriately screen these children and address their special needs effectively. These include explanations of autism-like behaviors, an online webinar series exploring multidisciplinary perspectives on these disorders, suggestions for writing measurable IEP goals, and a video of revealing moments of children with Asperger’s syndrome and their parents

Literature Competition

Mar 22, 2018


ASL Literature Competition

The ASL Honor Society (ASLHS) sponsors the annual national Eric “Malz” Malzkuhn ASL Literature Competition with cash prizes for students who attend a school with a current ASLHS chapter on campus.

Tranisitioning Plans Deaf Hard of Hearing

Mar 22, 2018


Online Curriculum for Transition-aged Students Who Are Hearing Impaired

Many resources are available to help students transition from school to work or college, although most do not take into account the unique experiences students who are deaf or hard of hearing encounter in choosing a college and/or a career. Map It: What Comes Next? is a free online curriculum module for use with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.


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