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social-emotional and health curriculum

Apr 01, 2021


Program Empowering Children to Be Healthy from the Inside Out

Engaging children aged 3–11, the supplementary OrganWise Guys curriculum includes lovable characters such as Hardy Heart, Sir Rebrum, and Calci M. Bone from whose perspective all of the stories are told. 

Sesame Street racial literacy

Apr 01, 2021


Sesame Street’s ABCs of Racial Literacy

Sesame Street is introducing two new Muppets, a Black father and son, as part of an effort to help children understand racial literacy. The two Muppets, Wes and Elijah, were recently introduced in a short video created by Sesame Workshop.

Asian  history in Ameica

Apr 01, 2021


Stories of Asian Americans Who Immigrated to a Land of New Possibilities

Asian Americans is a five-hour film series, produced by PBS LearningMedia that delivers a bold, fresh perspective on a history that matters today more than ever.

Interactive Technology and Effective Learning

Apr 01, 2021

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Free Guide on Interactive Learning for a Changing World

Dive into the power of interactivity with Samsung—why it matters so much to effective learning, and how prioritizing it engages students and improves learning outcomes. Uncover the science behind interactive learning and the key elements driving impact, as well as the principles of interactive learning and their ever-changing applications. Also explore how to capture students’ imaginations and drive meaningful outcomes, and review the importance of having technologies and methods that are simple to deploy, easy to use, and ready right out of the box.

game based learning

Apr 01, 2021


Videogame That Makes Learning Math and English a Full-Bodied Experience

The online platform Kinems engages students in mathematics and English lessons through movement and game-based learning. The platform uses motion-based sensors and allows touchless interaction, enabling children to control an avatar on the screen by moving their bodies.


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