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Digital Literacy

Applying and using technology  effectively as a research, organization, and evaluation tool; using digital technologies and social networks to access, manage, create, and evaluate information successfully.

professional development course

Nov 01, 2019


Professional Course for Cultivating Students’ Digital Literacies

Digital Learning for the K–8 Classroom” is a four-module online professional development course provided by Columbia University Teachers College that prepares K–8 teachers to cultivate their students’ digital literacies and twenty-first century skills.

Digital Citizenship Resources

Oct 15, 2019


Campaign to Redefine Digital Citizenship

A diverse group of technology, education, and media organizations has come together to launch the Digital Citizenship Commitment campaign (DigCitCommit) with the goal of redefining digital citizenship and reaching one million students by 2021. The campaign will engage teachers, allow for sharing of best practices, and provide educators with tools to teach a new definition of digital citizenship and wellbeing.

Democracy and Dictatorship

Oct 15, 2019


Virtual Classroom Visits on Protecting Democracy

In September 2019, author Kenneth C. Davis began offering free virtual classroom visits on the subject of democracy and dictatorships. The intent of the virtual visits is to speak with middle school and high school students and their teachers about what democracy is, what threatens democracy today, and how to protect it.

Manage classroom devices with NetSupport

Sep 16, 2019

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Toolkit for Managing IT Assets and Safeguarding Students

NetSupport DNA provides educators, technicians, and even counselors with their own dedicated solution to manage all classroom devices and school-wide IT assets, while identifying vulnerable students. As technology use continues to expand in schools, educators should be equipped with tools to not only improve the quality of technology-led instruction but also maintain a safe learning environment while ensuring IT assets are used effectively. In addition to providing teachers with tools to interact and collaborate with student devices, IT staff can centrally manage and support IT assets and endpoints across a school- or district-wide network. Powerful student eSafety features help support counselors in proactively identifying and protecting students via internet metering, keyword/phrase monitoring, webcam controls, report a concern, risk index, plus more. NetSupport DNA provides a complete toolkit for successful IT management while promoting positive digital citizenship and protecting students.

NASA Earth and Space Science Resources

Sep 16, 2019


Full Spectrum of NASA Science Search and Discovery Tools

NASA Wavelength is a digital collection of earth and space science resources for educators of all levels—from elementary to college, to out-of-school programs. In one activity, designed for grades 3–5, students examine line plots of NASA data and see that the Sun heats up land, air, and water.


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