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Economics/Financial Literacy

Making appropriate economic choices and understanding the role of the economy in society.

Financial Education Program

Jun 17, 2019


Program Providing Financial Education Experiences

finEDge is a single-semester, research-based financial education program for high school students, created by experts at The University of Chicago. The program’s content and pedagogical approach are based on learning science, behavioral change research, and the latest information on effective design of formal and informal financial education experiences.

Comic books about economic concepts

Jun 03, 2019


Comic Books Raising Awareness of Basic Economic Principles

The New York Federal Reserve Bank’s Educational Comic Book Series teaches students about basic economic principles and the Federal Reserve’s role in the financial system.

Stock Market Game

Nov 01, 2018


Program That Engages Students in the World of Investing

SIFMA Foundation’s The Stock Market Game (SMG) is an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students in grades 4–12 in the world of economics, investing, and personal finance. The game helps students to build a fundamental understanding of investing while providing them with real-world skills and practice in math, English language arts, economics, social studies, and other subjects.

Service Grants

Oct 15, 2018


Grants to Engage Youth in Meaningful Service Activities

Youth Service America is now accepting applications for the 2019 MLK Day of Service Grants to activate youth volunteers on MLK Day of Service Weekend (January 18–21, 2019).

Grants for women-led social justice projects by the Open Meadows Foundation help bring change to local communities.

Jun 15, 2018


Grants for Projects That Promote Equality

The Open Meadows Foundation offers grants of up to $2,000 for projects that promote gender, racial, and economic justice, and are led by and benefit women and girls, particularly those from vulnerable communities. The projects should reflect the diversity of the community in both its leadership and its organization, and promote racial, social, economic, and environmental justice.

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