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The use of physical hardware and education theoretics. Educational Technology includes learning theory, computer-based training, online learning, and mobile learning.

Jun 18, 2021


And the Survey Says…

The Covid-19 pandemic forced educators to make many changes in response to instant lockdowns and other unexpected pressures. But one thing educators who read Big Deal Media’s K-12 Technology newsletter didn’t have to change: their reliance on the newsletter as a valuable tool for finding and buying technology resources for their schools and districts.

Training on Diversity, Equity, Bias, and Learning Loss

Jun 15, 2021

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Foster Equity and Create Inclusive Learning Environments

The Transformational Leadership Institute is an offering of virtual, accredited* trainings on antiracism, unconscious bias, learning loss, and ways that COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated the issues. The institute, sponsored by Kendall Hunt, will take place on July 1, July 8, and July 13, 2021. Tailored for K–12 leaders and educators, the virtual sessions will equip participants to design individualized equity plans.

environmental education

Jun 15, 2021


Educational Videos Inspiring Students to Become Environmental Stewards

Into the Outdoors (ITO) creates pathways to environmental awareness and outdoor lifestyles to empower the next generation to become sustainable stewards of Planet Earth. Part science lesson and part adventure, this streaming video series uncovers the stories behind sensible solutions to creating a better planet while the youth hosts have some fun along the way.

tech grant

Jun 15, 2021


Education Technology MicroGrants

Teachers in need of effective technological tools that will assist them in bettering student achievement, not only in their classroom but throughout their entire institution, can apply for the Educators of America MicroGrant Program.

Jun 15, 2021


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Brought to Life in Augmented Reality

Now with Apple ARKit, Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar can be brought to life in the real world. Through an augmented reality experience, children can watch their own Very Hungry Caterpillar appear in their classroom, on a kitchen table, in a garden, on their playground, or anywhere else they want to play with it.


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