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Engineering, Design, and 3D Printing related to STEM or STEAM.

Physics Engineering Game

Jan 15, 2018


Simulation Techniques Practiced by Engineers

Designed by a rocket scientist, Truss Me! utilizes real algorithms and simulation techniques practiced by aerospace, mechanical, and civil engineers to test for stress and structure failure. Students can design and test structures in a realistic virtual environment.

STEM Lamp Kit

Jan 04, 2018


Creative Play Using Engineering and Programming Tools

Founded by two MIT scientists, Brainy Yak Labs encourages young girls to realize that math, science, and engineering can be fun and creative. The lab’s first product is called Jubilite. Described as a “dance party lamp kit,” Jubilite gives youth the opportunity to build, wire, and decorate a lamp.

Architecture Design Mentors

Nov 01, 2017


Design Solutions for Real-World Challenges

Created by the Chicago Architectural Foundation, DiscoverDesign is an online platform where students, teachers, and mentors come together to design solutions for real-world challenges. The website serves as a “town square” where students can be inspired, learn from peers, and get feedback from design professionals.


Oct 02, 2017


Maker Projects and Workshops

Makerspace Playbook from Maker Media outlines two basic types of maker projects: exploratory workshops where students learn basic engineering and building skills through a sampling of brief activities, and applied projects that involve multiple disciplines and drive students to extend their basic skills.

Coding Robot

Sep 01, 2017


Robot That Pairs Coding with Augmented Reality

Pai Technology has designed a robot for early childhood and elementary grade students that blends research from child development experts with the latest technology in coding and augmented reality.

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