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Mar 16, 2018


Our Top Five Resources This February

Each month we publish blogs and several newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are items from our blogs and newsletters that educators turned to the most in February.

Summer Teacher Institutes

Mar 15, 2018


Summer Institutes on Teaching with Primary Sources

The Library of Congress (LOC) organizes one-week Summer Teacher Institutes, during which LOC education specialists facilitate sessions modeling strategies for using primary sources to engage students, build critical thinking skills, and construct knowledge.


Feb 15, 2018


Game Encouraging Responsible Innovation

Students interested in science concepts such as robotics and bioengineering have a new, free online game at their disposal. Arizona State University researchers have released Frankenstein200, a game that uses Mary Shelley’s tale of scientific hubris to get children thinking about such ideas as robotics, bioengineering, and humans’ reasons for creating.

Engineering Activities

Feb 01, 2018


Program Integrating Engineering and Literacy

Researchers at Tufts University’s Center for Engineering Education and Outreach partnered with teachers to design a program they call Novel Engineering, which plays on the literary strengths of elementary and middle school teachers to help them explore hands-on, science-oriented activities in their classrooms.

3D Drawings

Feb 01, 2018


Game Sparking Geometric Imagination

The intersection of mathematics and art holds out great potential for not just endless discoveries but deeply memorable creations. The Islamic artists of centuries past inspired the Iranian game developer Mahdi Bahrami, whose newest effort, Engare stands at the cross of mathematics, art, and technology.

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