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Global Awareness

Using 21st century skills to understand and address global issues; understanding  other nations and cultures, including the use of non-English languages; learning from and working collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles.

High School Essay Contest Diplomacy Peace

Feb 15, 2019


Peace-Building Essay Contest

Since 2015 the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) has partnered with the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) on its annual National High School Essay Contest. The contest engages high school students in learning and writing about issues of peace and conflict, and encourages appreciation for diplomacy’s role in building partnerships that can advance peace building and protect national security.

Travel Opportunities New York Times Students

Feb 15, 2019


Educational Travel Programs for Students

New York Times Student Journeys offers educational travel programs for middle school and high school students. The programs focus on destinations The Times has covered, where students can benefit from an insider’s view as they explore themes and topics associated with The Times coverage of local issues.

Empathy Stories

Feb 15, 2019


Stories That Foster Empathy in the Classroom

The Global Oneness Project has created an Empathy Collection of 15 stories and lesson plans to foster empathy in the classroom. Through the multimedia stories, students meet individuals from different backgrounds and visit communities in different geographic locations facing challenging global issues.

Books with a math focus

Feb 01, 2019


Books Inspiring Children to See Math in the World Around Them

One way to bring the subject of mathematics to life, according to the Mathematical Science Research Institute (MSRI), is through literature. According to the organization, “books connect with the sense of wonder and imagination and creativity.”

storytelling podcast

Feb 01, 2019


Storytelling Podcast Bringing Folktales to Life

Circle Round is a storytelling podcast geared to children aged 4–10. Created and produced by parents of young children, Circle Round tells carefully selected folktales from around the world.

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