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Global Awareness

Using 21st century skills to understand and address global issues; understanding  other nations and cultures, including the use of non-English languages; learning from and working collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles.

Teaching about world issues

Dec 02, 2019


Modules for Increasing Understanding of Issues That Shape Today’s World

World101, a program of the Council on Foreign Relations, offers a growing library of free multimedia resources that explain international affairs and foreign policy issues, helping students understand the basics of these topics, including why they matter and how they are relevant.

social-emotional learning program

Dec 02, 2019


Web Series Highlighting Social–Emotional Learning

Carmen Sandiego is on a new mission: traveling the world to help the next generation of global citizens build valuable social–emotional skills. Students can journey with Carmen in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s new web seriesFearless Kids Around the World, and meet young heroes working to do good with bravery, resilience, and kindness.

global literature

Nov 01, 2019


Initiative to Increase the Availability of International Literature

The Global Literature in Libraries Initiative is intended to raise the visibility of world literature for adults and children at the local, national, and international levels by facilitating close and direct collaboration between translators, librarians, publishers, editors, and educators.

Earthrise Global Oneness

Oct 15, 2019


Student Multimedia Project on the Meaning of Global Citizenship

Global Oneness Project is sponsoring a student photography project inspired by the film Earthrise by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee. “Document Your Place on the Planet” challenges students to take one photograph that captures their relationship and place on Earth.

Global Citizenship Sustainability

Oct 01, 2019


Games That Teach Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

Learning through digital technology and video games can lead to more peaceful societies, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the educational arm of the United Nations. The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development has created two games aimed at teaching students about global citizenship and sustainable development.


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