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This includes STEM, creating in 3D, computers, coding, and technology art.

Creativity at Camp Invention

Dec 02, 2019


Program That Turns Curious Children into Innovative Thinkers

Camp Invention, a program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF), in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, provides a unique experience for youth to make discoveries about the importance of intellectual property while exploring, creating, and designing. The program promotes STEM learning; builds leadership, perseverance, and resourcefulness; and encourages entrepreneurship.

Smithsonian Science Standards

Jun 03, 2019


3D Learning and 3D Assessment in STEM

The Smithsonian Science for the Classroom program is setting the standard for 3D learning and 3D assessment. Developed by the Smithsonian Science Education Center, this new integrated STEM curriculum is designed to engage students in phenomenon-based learning through coherent storylines and connect them firsthand to the world around them.

Sep 17, 2018


Guidance for Beginning or Continuing a Makerspace Journey

Makerspace for Education offers educators a hands-on, creative, user-friendly, “anytime, anyplace” professional development resource that they can tap into as part of a community of practice.

3D Printing Making

Sep 17, 2018


App for Making 3D Models in Augmented Reality

The 3DBear AR app for iOS and Android makes it easy for students to create 3D models in augmented reality (AR), giving them an active role in the learning process. The app incorporates 21st century skills such as creative problem solving, project-based learning, and collaboration.

Day of Play Cardboard

Aug 01, 2018


Challenge Engaging Children in Creative Play

Since 2012, in the fall of each year, children across the globe have taken part in the Cardboard Challenge as a way to gear up for Imagination’s Day of Play. It all began following the success of the short film Caine's Arcade, the story of a nine-year-old boy and his elaborate cardboard arcade.


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