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Explore how things work in 3D with AR app JigSpace.

Jun 01, 2018


3D Animations Demonstrating the Way Objects Work

When students ask, “How does that work?” they can easily find out on the JigSpace platform. Using the app (for iOS), students can view step-by-step interactive 3D breakdowns of complex ideas, objects, and phenomena.

A Math Trail Gives Students Insight into How Math Is Used in the Real World

May 01, 2018


Guide to Blazing a Math Trail

A mathematics trail is a walk to discover mathematics. A math trail can be almost anywhere—a neighborhood, a business district or shopping mall, a park, a zoo, a library, even a government building.

Scratchwork is an Online Whiteboard and Video Conferencing Tool for Student Collaboration

May 01, 2018


Collaborative Tool Made by Mathematicians

Scratchwork is an online whiteboard and videoconferencing tool designed with math students in mind. The platform provides a whiteboard on which to draw, type, or import images to annotate.

Use Art to Teach Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Math

May 01, 2018


Activities Integrating the Arts into Other Disciplines

The Walters Art Museum in Maryland offers free Integrating the Arts activities that are ideal for visual arts teachers who want to integrate the arts into other disciplines or for non-arts teachers who want to venture into the world of art.

Apr 16, 2018


Grants for Materials Science Education

The ASM Materials Education Foundation awards 20 grants of $500 annually to help K–12 teachers bring the real world of materials science into their classrooms.

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