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Physical Education/Sports

Physical education, athletic or organized sports programs.

Children in eastern Finland in what is considered one of the most important activities of the day: recess.

Nov 23, 2018


Can this 12-Step Program from Finland Aid U.S. Education?

We are two American public-school dads who just returned from a fact-finding trip through Finland.

We wanted to see what the United States could learn from an education system that consistently receives top marks from UNICEF, the OECD, and the World Economic Forum.

Olympics Augmented Reality

Feb 15, 2018


Visual Journalism at the Olympics

Imagine if students could see world-class athletes standing in their classroom. With The New York Times augmented reality (AR) app, students can take photos with Olympic athletes. They can walk around with them and explore their form, their speed, the height of their jumps, and more. 

Coaching App

Jan 15, 2018


App to Amplify Coaching with Video

Coach’s Eye is an analysis tool for athletic coaches and their athletes to improve technique and physical performance. For example, the coach can record a pitcher’s release, track the ball in slow motion—including the moment it strikes the bat—and use the in-app tools to analyze body positions, diagram plays, and more.

Winter Olympics

Jan 15, 2018


Live Broadcast of the Olympic Games

For the first time, in 2018 the events of the winter Olympic Games will be broadcast and streamed live in all time zones by The videos will also be available on the NBC Sports app for Android and iOS phones.

Top 5 Resources Last Month

Apr 14, 2017


Our Top Five Resources for March

Each month we publish several newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are the resources from our newsletters that educators turned to the most in the month of March.

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