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creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking

Mar 27, 2020


4C’s Come to Life Through Digital Tools

Super skills, twenty-first century skills, best practices—whatever you want to call the 4C’s (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication), they are an integral part of the student experience in our classroom. Even so, sometimes a pathway to incorporate the 4C’s may seem evasive or like it takes too much time. Adding the following tools and ideas to an instructional toolbox can support a seamless incorporation of the 4C’s into our teaching and learning for all students.

STEM and the nation's food system

Mar 16, 2020


Course on the Complexities of a Contemporary, Healthy Food System

FOOD Ed. is a national standards-aligned course that brings STEAM to life by exploring the complexities of the nation’s food system. The semester-long interdisciplinary course explores connections between food and culture, food and environment, and food and power.

professional learning about Earth Day

Mar 16, 2020


Self-Paced Course to Increase Confidence Around Climate Topics

To celebrate 50 years of Earth Day, Project WET has teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Project WILD to launch a free online professional learning opportunity on climate topics on March 23, 2020.

English learners conference

Mar 16, 2020


Online Conference for Teachers of English Learners

Since 2017 the free VirtuEL Conference has invited researchers and teachers of English learners to present on topics ranging from digital tools for ELs to schoolwide changes to help language learners.

Feb 21, 2020


Wrapping up an Epic Learning Experience: How to Facilitate Student Reflection

Each time you and your students embark on a new story, your characters undergo a transformation. If you lead your students through the elements we’ve discussed (creating an epic classroom, uncovering a conflict, and traversing the rising action to solve the conflict) then the transformation will happen by itself. A critical part of epic learning is helping students to realize that metamorphosis and use what they’ve learned. Here are a few activities to facilitate reflection and wrap up your epic learning experience.


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