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Project-based Learning

A teaching method in which students gain knowledge, skills, and learn about a subject by investigating and responding to an authentic and complex question, problem, or challenge.

Nov 20, 2020


7 Ways to Make Remote Learning Accessible to All Learners

Across the world, equity and accessibility have become two of the thorniest issues districts face as they continue to offer learning in remote and hybrid learning environments. In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, some states delayed online learning because they realized all students could not access it.

Nov 16, 2020


NASA Program Encouraging STEM Involvement

NASA’s HUNCH program empowers and inspires high school students through project-based learning. Students who participate in the program learn twenty-first century skills and have the opportunity to launch their careers through participation in the design and fabrication of real-world-valued products for NASA.

student civics c-span

Oct 01, 2020


Competition Challenging Students to Think Critically About National Issues

Are you looking for a project-based learning assignment for this unprecedented school year? C-SPAN’s StudentCam documentary competition challenges students in grades 6–12 to get creative and think critically about an issue of national importance.

Importance of Creativity in Learning

Sep 25, 2020


Current State of Creativity

With all of the changes happening to the way students learn, now is an important time for educators to consider how they’re fostering creativity. Check out the infographic below on creativity from Canva.

Sep 18, 2020


5 Reasons Why It's More Important Than Ever to Teach Creativity

On the laundry list of skills and content areas teachers have to cover, creativity doesn’t traditionally get top billing. It’s usually lumped together with other soft skills like communication and collaboration: Great to have, though not as important as reading or long division.

But research is showing that creativity isn’t just great to have. It’s an essential human skill — perhaps even an evolutionary imperative in our technology-driven world.


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