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Writing Contest on Real-World Issues

Dec 02, 2019


Write for Rights Project

Write for Rights introduces students to human rights by writing letters to help 10 real young people around the world who are at risk just for their peaceful human rights activism. By participating in Write for Rights, students develop effective writing skills and experience firsthand the power of their words to make a difference.

Teaching about world issues

Dec 02, 2019


Modules for Increasing Understanding of Issues That Shape Today’s World

World101, a program of the Council on Foreign Relations, offers a growing library of free multimedia resources that explain international affairs and foreign policy issues, helping students understand the basics of these topics, including why they matter and how they are relevant.

Ken Burns Educational Resources

Dec 02, 2019


Online Destination for Exploring Documentaries by Ken Burns

Ken Burns, who has used archival footage and photographs to tell uniquely American stories, has launched a new site for educators called Ken Burns in the Classroom on PBS LearningMedia. The site is an online destination for free teaching and learning resources inspired by his documentaries.

Writing Contest on American Stories

Dec 02, 2019


50 States, 1 Nation Contest

As part of its 25th anniversary celebration, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History has announced the 50 States, 1 Nation Contest, a new essay competition for elementary school students in the 2019–2020 school year. The goal of this new contest is to help expand students’ understanding of how their families, towns, and states connect with one another and with American history.

WWII resources online

Dec 02, 2019


Artifacts, Primary Sources, and Oral Histories of WWII

The National WWII Museum engages with learners from all across the world through a variety of online and distance learning programs to connect audiences with World War II (WWII) history and honor the generation who sacrificed so much to secure our freedom. The museum’s programs include a broad range of online learning experiences and topics, allowing students and educators to learn significant WWII stories, including Pearl Harbor, the Home Front, and D-Day, without having to leave their classrooms.


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