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Democracy and Dictatorship

Oct 15, 2019


Virtual Classroom Visits on Protecting Democracy

In September 2019, author Kenneth C. Davis began offering free virtual classroom visits on the subject of democracy and dictatorships. The intent of the virtual visits is to speak with middle school and high school students and their teachers about what democracy is, what threatens democracy today, and how to protect it.

STEM Resources

Oct 01, 2019


Curriculum to Help Students Realize the Impact of STEM and Imagination

Electronics company RS Components in the UK has launched Imagine-X, a series of free curriculum-aligned resources that link STEM subjects to real people who have used their skills to make the world a better place—to broaden horizons, empower the disadvantaged, and diversify life choices.

Boston Tea Party Museum

Oct 01, 2019


Road to the American Revolution Brought Alive in the Classroom

Teachers can revolutionize their curriculum by bringing the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum into their classroom. Through this virtual experience, students learn about the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution by playing an active role debating taxation without representation, and the issues that pushed Massachusetts down the road to revolution.

Global Citizenship Sustainability

Oct 01, 2019


Games That Teach Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

Learning through digital technology and video games can lead to more peaceful societies, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the educational arm of the United Nations. The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development has created two games aimed at teaching students about global citizenship and sustainable development.

Cartoons with Indigenous Characters and Stories

Sep 16, 2019


SPOTLIGHT! On Realistic Portrayals of Indigenous People

For decades, animated children’s stories included negative stereotypes of indigenous people. Now three new cartoons are reaching children with realistic portrayals on the small screen—where they consume most of their media. In the United States and Latin America, Netflix is running the animated film Pachamama. The Cartoon Network series Victor and Valentino features two half brothers in a fictitious Mesoamerican village, exploring myths that come to life.


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