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civics podcast

Mar 15, 2021


Podcast and Student Contest on the Basics of Democracy

What’s the difference between the House and the Senate? How do congressional investigations work? What is Federalist X actually about? Civics 101 is a podcast series for middle school and high school students on the basics of how our democracy works.

civics democracy resources

Mar 15, 2021


Inquiry-based Approach to History and Civic Education

A large, diverse group of leading civic education providers and research universities has collaborated to develop a roadmap to Educating for American Democracy, offering guidance for the content and instructional strategies of K–12 history and civic education across the United States, along with an implementation plan.

high school students tell their stories

Mar 15, 2021


Voices of America’s Future

The We Are America Project has engendered powerful, honest stories by high school students about their lives in America. The project was started by 18 students from Lowell High School (in Lowell, Massachusetts), who are working with teachers and young people across the country to define what it means to be American.

celebrate womens day

Mar 15, 2021


SPOTLIGHT! On Women Who Changed the World

International Women’s Day has been commemorated across the world on March 8 since 1911, and every United States President has marked March as Women’s History Month since 1995. Although the right to vote is a common topic of study in classrooms when students examine women’s history, many more issues, perspectives, and accomplishments require investigation across history, literature, and the arts to more fully appreciate and understand what women’s history in the United States encompasses. On the next page, you’ll find five sources for free lessons and other resources for diving deeply into women’s triumphs in every arena.

Free Music Resources

Feb 15, 2021


Music Legends Raising Awareness of Black Contributions to Arts and Society

Kids Discover has partnered with Rhino Records to celebrate Black History Month by releasing three free units honoring classic recording artists Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Curtis Mayfield.


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