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Augmented Reality App

Feb 15, 2019


Augmented Reality Portals to Places Around the World

Teliport Me’s iOS app Portals: Learning with AR uses augmented reality to enable anyone to walk into a 360-degree image or video. Looking through their mobile device, students will see a circular design “floating” in the classroom that remains in place as they walk around it.

Civics Great Historical Trials

Feb 01, 2019


Institute Exploring the Federal Judiciary with Historians and Judges

The American Bar Association and the Federal Judicial Center will conduct the 14th Annual Federal Trials and Great Debates in U.S. History summer institute in Washington, DC, June 23–28, 2019.

Foster a Growth Mindset

Feb 01, 2019


Push (Ups) for Growth

By the time students reach high school, they have fully embraced a particular idea of themselves as a learner. I frequently hear students say things like “I’m not good at math,” “reading is too hard,” or “I don’t do well on tests.” These comments are made by bright young people who are too young to give up. What I know for certain is that they want and need a teacher to tell them they are wrong.

Top 5 Resources in December

Jan 18, 2019


Our Top Five Resources in December 2018

Each month we publish blogs and several newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are items from our blogs and newsletters that educators turned to the most in December.

Jan 15, 2019


Video Series on Constitutional History and Civic Holidays

Created and produced by the National Constitution Center, Constitution Hall Pass features the museum’s education staff, distinguished scholars, and even some well-known faces who bring the story of America’s democracy to life. Through this free video series, students will explore America’s civic holidays and constitutional history.

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