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Ecosystem Science

Feb 15, 2018


Environmental Program in Which Virtual Elements Intersect Real-World Experiences

According to the Next Generation Science Standards, the next generation of learning in the STEM fields will involve a lot more practice, with lessons that are experiential and investigative. EcoMOBILE is one model of that new kind of learning. EcoMOBILEa project of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, uses virtual elements that intersect with real-world experiences to teach middle school students about ecosystem science and the complex factors that contribute to a natural habitat.


Feb 15, 2018


Game Encouraging Responsible Innovation

Students interested in science concepts such as robotics and bioengineering have a new, free online game at their disposal. Arizona State University researchers have released Frankenstein200, a game that uses Mary Shelley’s tale of scientific hubris to get children thinking about such ideas as robotics, bioengineering, and humans’ reasons for creating.

Math and Science Videos

Feb 15, 2018


Videos Connecting Math and Science to the Real World

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed BLOSSOMS (Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies) to help students engage in a meaningful way with STEM subjects.

3D Augmented Reality

Feb 15, 2018


Tool for Designing 3D Worlds

Orb, a new ARKit app for iOS by Pantheon, uses augmented reality to develop maker skills. Students young and old can design and build entire worlds in a matter of minutes by transforming simple shapes into 3D objects.

Augmented Reality Grant

Feb 01, 2018


Grants for Implementing AR and 3D Technology

3DBear’s 2018 STEAM Summer Camp – Augmented Reality provides training for 3DBear’s innovative product 3DBear AR (Augmented Reality), a gamified learning application that allows users to implement virtual 3D models in a real living environment. For a limited time, 3DBear will be accepting proposals from qualified educational institutions to receive free annual licenses of the newest release of its augmented reality teaching tool 3DBear AR App.

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