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Student Engagement with Classlink

Feb 15, 2021

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How Fulton Keeps 94,000 Students Engaged with ClassLink

Dr. Emily Bell, Chief Information Officer for Fulton County Schools, Georgia, says ClassLink helps her district’s 94,000 students stay engaged, whether they are remote or in class. Students access digital resources from one place with one login, while leaders and teachers track engagement with usage analytics. Bell says with ClassLink Analytics, teachers monitor which digital resources students engage with and for how long, allowing them to step in quickly when students need support. “For us, ClassLink is an important element in our success, whether we are in school or in remote learning,” says Bell.

open source science materials

Feb 01, 2021


Open-Source Kit for Middle School Science

Nonprofit OpenSciEd was launched to create high-quality open-source science instructional materials specifically for middle schools. The lessons are available for science teachers to access and download freely. All align with NGSS and are developed by educators and tested by teachers.

Feb 01, 2021


Scholarship Awards to Future Computer Scientists

The Amazon Future Engineer program works to increase access to computer science (CS) education for children and young adults from underserved and underrepresented communities. High school seniors who want to study computer science can apply for one of a hundred $40,000 scholarships offered through the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship program.

Nov 02, 2020

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Make an Immediate Impact

Learn techniques that you can use right away—online, in person, hybrid—to help all students break down a wall of words and understand texts, themselves, and the world. Teachers and students love the Folger Method. Students at all levels own their learning and find success in the adventure of reading. To help all students feel confident with complex texts, the Folger Shakespeare Library has compiled essential resources just for educators.

Oct 15, 2020


Grants to Transform Algebra 1 into a Gateway to Success

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to use a multimillion-dollar grant program to remove barriers to algebra—a gateway to higher-level mathematics—for English language learners, students from families in poverty, and Latino and Black students.


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