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Student success, special achievement, and honor roll.

Planning App

Jan 25, 2018


Tool for Managing Time and Prioritizing Tasks

The Daily PlanIt app by Productivity Labs for iOS and Android lets users enter events and projects on their calendar and determine priority. In Daily PlanIt, users swipe right to add an event on their calendar with the estimated time.

Jan 15, 2018


Online Degree Programs for Effective Teachers

The goal of effective teachers is to maximize their students’ engagement, creating a positive and inclusive learning environment while establishing a culture of continuous education in their classrooms. Waldorf University online programs give teachers the competitive edge they need in order to pursue careers as counselors, education administration professionals, and special curriculum specialists. Waldorf’s Master of Arts in education effective teacher program is designed to help working education professionals bolster their teaching efficiency, refine their leadership skills, and grow their potential in the education field. The Master of Arts in organizational leadership develops students’ leadership skills and equips them to use it as an instrument for organizational change within the education industry.

Classroom Supply Grant

Nov 30, 2017


Grants for Teaching Materials

Sponsored by TESOL, the Tina B. Carver Fund provides grants for the purchase of student classroom learning materials and/or teacher-related materials (for example, ancillary resources that can be used in conjunction with textbooks or other instructional materials).

Grants for Education

Nov 30, 2017


Grants to Build 21st Century Skills

The Carnegie Corporation of New York provides grants for programs that promote more and better opportunities for US students to learn the skills they need in order to compete in a global economy. Areas of interest include adult literacy, arts, early childhood, ESL/bilingual/foreign language, general education, physical education/health, professional development, and reading.

Nov 10, 2017


Innovative Leadership Exemplified

CoSN educators and technology professionals recently went on a trip to New Zealand to meet with government officials, local leaders and educators to get an insight into the country's education system and its policies. Members of the delegation have been encouraged to document their experiences in a blog. These are some of the highlights and insights from an exciting and interesting trip.


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