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Technology - Positive or Negative?

Sep 29, 2017


Is Technology Helping or Harming My Students?

When a new school year starts, it is not uncommon to see old computer labs converted to state-of-the-art STEM labs or Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, robots, and 3D printers throughout a building. There are many new and exciting technology tools continually at the disposal of educators. But before you partake in the latest tech tools, I encourage you to pause and reflect on how the technology impacts instruction.

Grants for the Arts

Sep 21, 2017


Award for Academic and Artistic Excellence

YoungArts, the National YoungArts Foundation’s signature program, is an application-based award for emerging artists, aged 15–18 or in grades 10–12, from across the United States. Youth who are US citizens or have permanent residency status in the US are eligible to apply.

Special report on English language learners

Sep 21, 2017

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Meeting the Needs of ELLs

Researcher and ELL expert Jim Cummins has identified three keys to success in teaching students who are just learning English:

· Engage students in their literacy by providing access to resources.

· Ensure that all teachers are prepared to scaffold their instruction across the curriculum.

· Affirm and value students’ background, culture, and identity.

Across the nation, many schools are using edtech tools to support their teaching of English language learners through these three tactics. Read Middlebury Interactive’s special report on how technology can help address the needs of English language learners.

Digitize your Independent Reading Program this school year.

Sep 15, 2017

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Digitize Your Independent Reading Program

Reduce teacher workload and start your school year with MoxieReader, an app that transforms the way teachers and students manage independent reading. MoxieReader features book scanning and tracking, leveled book recommendations, digital reading logs, and peer interaction to support the growth of your reading community. MoxieReader looks at each student as an individual and builds a personalized reading progress plan based on that student’s level and interests in order to both motivate and develop a love of reading. For the month of September, celebrate the MoxieReader launch with a $19.99 per year special, down from $63. Use code launch1999$special during checkout. Kickstart your school’s reading goals today.

Target Field Trip Grants

Sep 15, 2017


Grants for Field Trips Connected to Classroom Curricula

Target Field Trip Grants are awarded to K–12 public, private, and charter schools nationwide to fund field trips that connect students’ classroom curricula to out-of-school experiences.


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