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Student success, special achievement, and honor roll.

Capturing Learning

Apr 12, 2016


Capturing Learning

Students can create impressive video slideshows using research resources built right into the Shadow Puppet Edu iPad/iPhone app designed by Seesaw Learning. They can capture screengrabs from an interactive map, safely search for images from the web, and access image archives from trusted sources, such as the Library of Congress, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and NASA.

Educational Research

Mar 17, 2016


From Research to Practice

Usable Knowledge, an online resource from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, aims to make educational research and best practices accessible to educators, policymakers, members of the media, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and parents.

Ask the Righht Questions

Feb 15, 2016


Help Students Formulate Meaningful Questions

The Right Question Institute has worked with and learned from educators to develop a teaching strategy that provides a simple, yet powerful way to get students asking their own questions and building off their peers’ questions.

An Interactive ELL Curriculum

Feb 09, 2016

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Closing the ELL Achievement Gap

Middlebury Interactive Languages offers a new way to engage English language learners with an online ELL curriculum that focuses on academic English and literacy development. The supplemental curriculum uses individualized, task-based activities, as well as collaborative project-based learning, to help facilitate language acquisition and improve student outcomes. The instructional modules allow students in grades 4–8 to learn the fundamentals of academic English while completing projects that relate to English language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science.

ELL Lesson Plan Strategies

Feb 09, 2016


Strategies for Differentiation

TeachersFirst’s Adapt-a-Strategy web page includes free ELL lesson plan modification strategies for a wide range of common classroom activities.


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