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Interactive infographic on creative people

Feb 17, 2020


Daily Routines of Famous Creative People has designed an interactive infographic of the daily routines of 26 creators—from W. H. Auden to Immanuel Kant, from Flannery O’Connor to Franz Kafka. The daily routines are as varied as the people who follow them, although long walks and a very early wakeup time are common to many.

Manage district-wide spending without spreadsheets

Jan 15, 2020

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Daily Updates to Track and Manage District-wide Spending

When district leaders have access to district-wide spending, they are better equipped to make equitable decisions that maximize opportunities for students. Keep high-level insights at your fingertips to quickly understand district-wide spending trends with Allovue’s Balance Manage; no spreadsheets required. Nightly updates ensure you’re always viewing the most recent transactions so you can make decisions based on your district’s current financial state. 

Jan 15, 2020


Mentoring Movement to Tap the Potential in Young People

January is National Mentoring Month, a nationwide campaign dedicated to celebrating and elevating the mentoring movement. Kicking off the campaign, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership is celebrating the power of relationships with the video “Because You Mentored Me,” showing from the adult perspective what is possible when young people grow up with mentors. 

Nov 22, 2019


How to Use Storytelling to Inspire Epic Learning in Your Classroom

How many times have you listened to a lecture, memorized the information, and passed the exam only to be unable to recall most of what you learned just weeks later? How many times have you read a powerful story or watched a movie and been able to recall the plot years later? Information presented in a story doesn’t fade away after it’s been used; it sticks in the mind, ready to be accessed and used at any time.

The International Literacy Association 2019 Conference

Aug 15, 2019

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The International Literacy Association 2019 Conference

How can educators and administrators create the environment students need to reach their full potential in the classroom and throughout their lives? By infusing literacy in every aspect of education! The ILA 2019 Conference offers these professional learning opportunities to enhance literacy instruction:

* Two full days of professional learning on the topics you want, delivered in a variety of styles

* Two optional, additional days of deep-dive learning into children’s literature and today’s hottest literacy topics

* A well-rounded program of research-based and peer-reviewed sessions to help you empower your students and create an inclusive learning community

Visit to register.


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