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Women in STEM

Mar 15, 2018


Film Encouraging Girls to Pursue Careers in STEM

The Gender Chip Project offers both a documentary and companion materials to assist teachers, parents, and mentors who are encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The documentary reveals how women are finding new ways to honor their own growth, motivations, and experience as they imagine how to make the science and technology workplace a comfortable environment.

Future Ready Framework

Mar 15, 2018


Guide for Blending Instruction and Technology

Blending Teaching and Technology: Simple Strategies for Improved Student Learning, a freely downloadable guide from Future Ready Schools, offers school district leaders a collection of strategies aligned to the Future Ready Framework for implementing an instructional approach supported by blended learning.

Open Education Resources Math

Mar 15, 2018


Multimedia Mathematics Question Bank

The ADA Project is an open multimedia mathematics resource that covers everything from basic arithmetic to calculus. On the ADA Project’s homepage, teachers or students can select a category and then choose a topic.

Poetry March Madness

Mar 15, 2018


Tournament—With Poetry

Every March the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) hosts a Poetry Tournament. The idea is to create a basketball-tournament pairing chart like the NCAA does each year in March but using poetry, and to determine a final winner by reading the poems.

Literacy Learning Centers

Feb 23, 2018


Creating Learning Centers in a Blended Literacy Classroom

There has been no greater impact on differentiation and student achievement in recent years than the effective integration of technology in the classroom. Traditionally, literacy educators spent long hours gathering resources, developing tasks and extensions, and reading and analyzing assessments to determine if the instruction was meeting the needs of students. Now imagine doing this same routine three or four times over to cover all Lexile levels in one classroom—exhausting.


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