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Aug 03, 2020


Digital Resources in a Time of Remote Learning

Get Back-to-School ready with thousands of discounted digital titles and distance-learning information and learn how to stretch your dollars with shared digital collections. For more than 35 years, Mackin has provided library and classroom materials for preK–12. Known the world over for their exemplary service and stringent attention to detail, Mackin provides access to more than 18,000 publishers and a collection of nearly 3 million printed titles. The development of MackinVIA, a free, multiple award-winning digital content management system, has been instrumental in assisting digital learning for tens of thousands of schools, and more than 9 million students worldwide. To date, Mackin’s digital catalog boasts close to 3 million preK–12 age-appropriate titles in ebook, audiobook, read-along, video, and database formats. For more information call 800.245.9540 or visit

Jul 10, 2020


Crowdfunding Versus Grant Writing: What’s the Difference?

As school budgets get tighter, more and more educators are turning to crowdfunding sites, such as DonorsChoose, AdoptAClasroom, and GoFundMe, to raise much needed funds for their classrooms. But what is crowdfunding and how is it different from grant writing?

Jun 15, 2020


Online Portal to Facilitate Dialogue

Presenting the history of race in America is an opportunity to engage in thoughtful, respectful, and productive conversations. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture has launched an online portal to facilitate dialogue about race in the United States.

Jun 15, 2020


Forum for Teens to Share Thoughts on Social Injustice

The New York Times Learning Network has a place for teenagers from anywhere in the world to share their thoughts on the recent events related to racism and social injustice in the nation: the Student Opinion forum, “What Is Your Reaction to the Days of Protest That Have Followed the Death of George Floyd?

Jun 15, 2020


Strategies for Facilitating Discussions About Racial Equity

In a post titled “Moving Forward Together,” the Connecticut Department of Education has compiled a list of resources to provide teachers, students, and parents with insights and strategies to help engage in a dialogue about racism, hate, violence, and other tragic events that children may hear about or see on the news.


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