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STEM Careers

Apr 17, 2017


STEM Careers Brought to Life

EarthEcho brings modern-day explorers and trailblazers to students and classrooms with STEMExplore, a no-cost online destination featuring dozens of relatable, day-in-the-life interviews with scientists and engineers from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Parent-Teacher Communication Apps

Apr 07, 2017


Finding the Perfect Parent-Teacher Communication App for Your Classroom

A recent study by Gallup found that only one in five parents are fully engaged with their child's school. In my 19 years of teaching, I've tried every form of communication to bridge the gap between home and the classroom—emails, texting, blogging, a YouTube channel, Facebook. 

Standing Desks - How and Why Educators Are Using Them

Apr 03, 2017

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Standing Desks That Make a Difference

In the words of teachers, introducing adjustable standing desks into the classroom is a game changer. Not only are there health benefits to introducing standing, but there are also learning benefits. Additionally, LearnFit adjustable standing desks are naturally mobile, removing classroom furniture as an obstacle for learning and teaching. View the PD webinar for a CE Certificate. You will hear from two educators about their experiences implementing mobile standing desks into their classrooms, including their observations, insights, and challenges in making the transition to a standing classroom. The webinar will also present additional information, data, and resources for helping to build the case for standing desks at your school. Find more information on Ergotron’s Just Stand for Kids web page or view a video case study about one of the presenting teacher’s standing classroom.

Program Evaluation

Apr 03, 2017


Effectiveness of Math and Reading Programs

A new website geared toward school administrators rates instructional programs for K–12 reading and mathematics based on the criteria for judging their effectiveness that are laid out in the new federal education law. 

NetSupport DNA - Managing Your IT Assets While Better Safeguarding Students

Apr 03, 2017

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Managing Your IT Assets While Better Safeguarding Students

Combine the cost- and time-saving benefits of education-focused IT Asset Management software while utilizing unique student Internet safety controls and multiplatform classroom management features to better leverage the value of technology-led learning. Visit NetSupport’s website for more information or a free trial.


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