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Jan 15, 2020


Invitation to Read All of Shakespeare’s Works Throughout the Year

Anyone who loves Shakespeare’s plays and poems can join the Shakespeare 2020 Project and read all of the Bard’s works or revisit an old favorite throughout the year. The project’s website will have videos, posts, artwork, and more to explore with each work. 

Submit your art to the exhibition

Oct 15, 2019


Juried Exhibition Celebrating Black Creativity

Applications are now open for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry’s Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition, the longest-running gallery of African American art in the nation. The museum is calling for adults and students to submit their work to be included among more than 100 pieces as part of the 50th annual celebration of Black Creativity.

Art History App

Oct 15, 2019


Daily Dose of Art History

Do you want to know why Van Gogh cut off his ear? Or who the lady on Picasso’s portrait is? Or how Jackson Pollock created his paintings? DailyArt, a free app for iOS and Android by Moiseum, offers a daily dose of classic, modern, and contemporary art masterpieces.

Statue of Liberty Ellis Island

Jun 03, 2019


App Exploring the Statue of Liberty in Augmented Reality

For more than a century, countless visitors have gazed up at the Statue of Liberty, but no one has ever seen her quite like she appears in the new free Statue of Liberty app, which brings her into the augmented-reality era. From anywhere in the world, the app’s users can look inside the statue, take in the view from beside the torch, and travel back in time to watch 200 years of New York City history unfold, right from the crown.

World War II Podocast

May 15, 2019


Debates on the Historical Merits of Films Depicting WWII

Service on Celluloid is a captivating podcast of The National WW II Museum that takes a deep look at depictions of World War II on film over the last 70-plus years. In-house experts at the museum, along with special guests, hold lively debates on the historical merits of treasured classics and smaller films alike.


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