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At Risk

Students at risk of being homeless or victims of abuse; and failing academically.

STEM and ELL students

Mar 16, 2020


SPOTLIGHT! On Equitable Access to Science Materials

Building Science Literacy with Technology
Nationally, English learners (ELs) make up nearly 10 percent of preK–12 classrooms and almost 15 percent of urban classrooms, and these numbers are on the rise, according to research by the National Center for Education Statistics. Many supports are available for ELs, but the elementary science materials available are disproportionately directed toward grade-level readers. How can educators make access to science more equitable?

Word Study and Phonics

Sep 16, 2019

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The Next Step in Developing Proficient Word Solvers and Independent Readers

Guided reading experts Jan Richardson and Michèle Dufrense provide teachers with clear, concise, and practical instructions and resources for planning and teaching developmentally appropriate phonics and word study lessons. Learn how students solve words, how to assess what students know and need to learn next, and what sequence, materials, and activities to use to help students excel. The Next Step Forward in Word Study and Phonics works with the familiar Next Step Forward lesson plan framework from Richardson’s bestselling Next Step Forward in Guided Reading. It uses a gradual release of responsibility approach that guides students to independent word-solving; introduces readers to six approaches to phonics and word study; and includes more than 250 ready-to-use word study lessons, leveled from preA–Z.

Buy a backpack with Alexa

Aug 15, 2019


Student Backpack with School Supplies

Amazon has enabled Alexa users to donate money toward back-to-school supplies for children in need. Users simply say, “Alexa, donate to Happy School Year,” to be guided through a $25 donation to fill a student backpack.

Sesame Street Foster Care Character

Jun 17, 2019


Resources for Helping Children in Foster Care Build Resilience

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, has welcomed Karli, a Muppet in foster care, as well as her “for-now” parents, Dalia and Clem. All three Muppets appear in videos posted online as part of an initiative to provide free resources to caregivers navigating difficult issues, such as family homelessness, foster care, and trauma.

Mental Health Help and Stories

May 15, 2019


Stories of Young People Overcoming Incredible Challenges

Teens101 was created to be a toolbox for today’s teens who may be experiencing personal life challenges or who may know someone in need of help. The video collection of stories shows teens they are not alone and help is available.


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