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At Risk

Students at risk of being homeless or victims of abuse; and failing academically.

Girls Women Technology STEM

Jun 01, 2017


Hands-on Workshops to Spur Interest in Tech Fields

ChickTech offers events that encourage women and girls to enter the field of technology, giving support and empowerment to those hoping to turn their interest in technology into a career.

Digital Learning Underserved

Jun 01, 2017


Digital Learning Centers for At-Risk Children

The After School Advantage (ASA) Program is the signature education program and flagship community involvement initiative of IGT Global Solutions Corporation. The program strives to close the “digital divide” for disadvantaged children who get left behind because they don’t have the means to access computers in today’s increasingly digital society.

Literacy Grant

Apr 17, 2017


Grants to Support Literacy Learning

Dollar General’s Youth Literacy Grants support literacy programs designed to help students who are experiencing difficulty reading or are performing below grade level.

Awards for Summer Learning

Jan 16, 2017


Award for Outstanding Summer Programs

The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) is seeking applications from summer learning programs nationwide for the 2017 New York Life Foundation Excellence in Summer Learning Awards.

Dyslexia Testing Grant

May 19, 2016


The Way Forward

Since April 2012, the Donegan Burns Foundation has offered the Dyslexia Testing and Intervention Grant awarding thousands of dollars in the fight toward literacy. This private foundation has made it a goal to help those underserved with dyslexia. The grants, which are intended to assist with teacher education, equipment, testing, and intervention, are available to schools, afterschool programs and nonprofit organizations that work with children. The foundation’s funding helps to intervene before at-risk children with dyslexia reach third grade. With this support, these children can—and do—learn to read.


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