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Developmental disability that significantly affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction.

Autism Games

May 18, 2017


Games for Children with Autism

Autism Games was developed in Australia through a collaboration among Swinburne University’s Multimedia Design Program, Bulleen Heights Specialist School, Swinburne Autism Bio-Research Initiative (SABRI), and the National eTherapy Centre (NeTC).

App for Children with Autism

Mar 23, 2017

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FREE ABA App for Children with Autism

Individuals with autism have unique learning challenges, requiring special teaching materials. Children often struggle to select which information is important in a picture. A picture of an apple on a plate may illicit “plate” instead of “apple.” Or they may identify the red apple, but not the green apple. Stages Learning Materials’ products specifically meet the special criteria of early autism education programs. Stages now offers Language Builder® iPad, based on their industry-leading picture card set. Used by BCBAs, SLPs, teachers, and parents, the full app includes six highly customizable ABA-based activities. A free version of the app provides full access to two of the six activities: Identical and Similar Matching.

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Autism Stories

Mar 23, 2017


Stories About Growing Up with Autism

Geek Club Books is a creative nonprofit with a mission to help educate parents, teachers, and children about autism.

Language App

Jan 19, 2017


Instruction Distinguishing "Wh" Questions

Designed for the iPad by Language Learning Apps, QuestionIt ED provides systematic instruction over multiple opportunities to teach children with autism or other significant language disorders what kind of word answers which type of Wh question.

Story Book Maker

Jan 19, 2017


Personalized Visual Narratives

Designed for the iPad and iPhone, Enuma’s Kid in Story Book Maker enables students to use green screen-like technology to put photos of themselves or others into a story template and then add text and voice recording.


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