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Civic Literacy

Participating effectively in civic life, staying informed and understanding government processes, and exercising the rights and obligations of citizenship.

Aug 19, 2020


Lessons for the 21st Century

The centennial of the 19th Amendment provides the legal profession the opportunity to celebrate 100 years of women’s constitutional right to vote, educate the public about the 19th Amendment and the battle for women’s suffrage, and promote laws that ensure women’s full and equal exercise of their right to vote and to participate in our democracy.

Aug 17, 2020


Interactive Audiovisual Experience of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

August 18, 2020, marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted voting rights to women in America. However, many women were still unable to vote because of restrictions related to race and ethnicity.

Aug 03, 2020


Leadership Program for Youth Organizers and Change-Makers

Now is the moment for students to become the leaders the world needs. Peace First is launching the Black Unity Initiative for Leadership Development (B.U.I.L.D.) program for Black leaders aged 13–25. Throughout the program, participants will receive a $250 stipend, peer mentorship, personalized coaching, skills-based workshops for social change, and more.

Aug 03, 2020


40 Documentaries Exploring America’s Many Stories

Filmmaker Ken Burns’s website, UNUM, is a new way to explore American history through scenes selected from across more than 40 documentaries. Visitors to the site can explore stories and topics by Themes, Events, People, Wars, and Time, as well as by AP US History Themes. For example, the UNUM short film “The Mythology of Monuments” explores what role monuments play in our culture.

Jun 15, 2020


Poetry That Explores Social Conscience

Few American artists loom larger than Langston Hughes. He wrote novels, plays, short stories, films, librettos, children’s verse, newspaper columns, translations, and memoirs, and edited several important anthologies. But most of all, he remained a poet. From “Dreams” to “Let America Be America Again,” he explored social conscience and class difference with lyric beauty and music.


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