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Civic Literacy

Participating effectively in civic life, staying informed and understanding government processes, and exercising the rights and obligations of citizenship.

Oct 16, 2017


Building a Brighter Future with STEAM

If you are a public school teacher, enter the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest to empower students, inspire ideas, and create change. Incorporating STEAM into projects designed to help advance the interests of local communities teaches students critical thinking and, by extension, critical problem solving. Build a brighter future with STEAM. Apply online by November 9, 2017, for a chance to win a share of $2 million in Samsung technology!

Civics Game

Oct 16, 2017


Game Applying Constitutional Rights

Developed by Filament Games, That’s Your Right is a single or multiplayer digital card game that teaches students in middle school and high school about the first ten amendments of the US Constitution, known collectively as the Bill of Rights.

Community Service Award

Oct 16, 2017


Awards Honoring Volunteer Community Service

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honor students in grades 5–12 for outstanding service to others at the local, state, and national levels. The program’s goals are to recognize young people who are making a positive difference.

Racial Diversity

Oct 02, 2017


Textbook Devoted to Racial Literacy

Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi started the student-run organization CHOOSE to overcome racism and inspire harmony through exposure, education, and empowerment. Their organization then led them to collaborate with Princeton University on The Classroom Index, a textbook devoted to racial literacy.

Civics Education Constitution Day

Sep 01, 2017


Civics Education Tools in Celebration of Constitution Day

The Civics Renewal Network is a consortium of nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations committed to strengthening civic life in the United States by increasing the quality of civics education in our nation's schools and improving accessibility to high-quality, no-cost learning materials.

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