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Civic Literacy

Participating effectively in civic life, staying informed and understanding government processes, and exercising the rights and obligations of citizenship.

Game Fake News

Mar 15, 2018


Game to “Vaccinate” Students Against Disinformation

Researchers have developed an online game to “vaccinate” people against fake news—by showing them how to become a fake news mogul. In the game, called Bad News, players use misleading tactics to build their own fake news empire.

Student Protest Activism

Mar 15, 2018


Learning-Oriented Resources on Leading Change

Educators from Harvard University Graduate School of Education (HGSE), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Teaching Systems Lab, and the instructional design firm Fresh Cognate have created Youth in Front, a new hub of learning-oriented resources and multimedia assets for young activists and educators interested in making their voices heard—particularly those who are stepping into activism for the first time, as well as for educators who are responding to action in their schools and communities.

STEM Competition

Mar 15, 2018


Competition Boosting Interest and Proficiency in STEAM

The Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest challenges public middle and high schools across the country to help improve their communities using STEAM skills. This year’s projects tackle current issues such as natural disaster relief and safety, opioid addiction, water quality, and enablement of students with autism.

Civics Game

Feb 22, 2018


Game Exploring Citizens’ Rights

In January 2018, nonprofit iCivics released a Spanish-language version of the game Do I Have a Right, which teaches children about civil rights. The organization was launched by retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Teacher of the Year Awards

Feb 15, 2018


Law-Related Education Teacher of the Year Awards

Recognizing the vital role that teachers play in citizenship awareness and law-related service programs, the American Lawyers Alliance (ALA) sponsors an annual Teacher of the Year Award to honor US public and private middle school and high school teachers who have made significant contributions in law-related education.

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