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Oct 15, 2020


STEM Education Summit in a COVID-19 World

The impact of COVID-19—on education, health, the workforce, and the economy—has made clear that young people need skills that enable them to think critically, creatively, and globally—to solve problems, create new jobs, and address issues never seen before.

Oct 15, 2020


Tech Program to Increase Educational and Career Opportunities in Hispanic Communities

During Hispanic Heritage Month, IBM is working with policymakers and education leaders to increase the number of Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) in the United States. Currently, IBM hosts 220 P-TECH partners worldwide, and the company plans to expand the program to 150 schools in the US—half of the company’s total commitment of 300 by 2023.

Importance of Creativity in Learning

Sep 25, 2020


Current State of Creativity

With all of the changes happening to the way students learn, now is an important time for educators to consider how they’re fostering creativity. Check out the infographic below on creativity from Canva.

Sep 18, 2020


5 Reasons Why It's More Important Than Ever to Teach Creativity

On the laundry list of skills and content areas teachers have to cover, creativity doesn’t traditionally get top billing. It’s usually lumped together with other soft skills like communication and collaboration: Great to have, though not as important as reading or long division.

But research is showing that creativity isn’t just great to have. It’s an essential human skill — perhaps even an evolutionary imperative in our technology-driven world.

Sep 15, 2020


Virtual Cyber Robotics Competition

CoderZ League (formerly Cyber Robotics Coding Competition) is an exciting, engaging, and entertaining virtual robotics competition for students of all levels to participate in and learn about STEM, robotics, and coding, and to ignite their technology career paths.


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