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Computer Science/Coding/Programming

Study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers; creative and innovative processes of assigning a code for purposes of classification and identification; processes that lead from an original formulation of a computing problem to usable computer programs.

Hacker Club

Mar 01, 2016


Join the Global Hacker Movement

High school students have started taking charge of their own computer science education. One of them, Zach Latta, an 18-year-old who was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list for 2016, has helped to create Hack Club, a network of coding groups that have spread to 12 states and six countries so far.

Create with Code

Jan 04, 2016


Create with Code

Young children, aged 5–7, can use ScratchJr, an introductory programming language, to create their own interactive stories and games. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their own voices and sounds, even insert photos of themselves—and then use the graphical programming blocks to make their characters come to life.

Minecraft Hour of Code

Dec 01, 2015


Explore a Minecraft World Through Code

Microsoft and the nonprofit group have released a computer-coding tutorial built around Minecraft. The 14-level tutorial was created for the third annual Hour of Code, which will take place this year during the week of December 7–13

Star Wars Code Computer Programming

Nov 16, 2015


Awaken the Force in Students is tapping the power of the force to reach more young people, especially girls.

Learn About Computer Programming

Nov 02, 2015


Create a Path into Programming

Facebook’s new TechPrep website is intended to empower more African American and Latino children to learn about computer programming and coding, and to encourage them to pursue careers in the tech field.

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