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Computer Science/Coding/Programming

Study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers; creative and innovative processes of assigning a code for purposes of classification and identification; processes that lead from an original formulation of a computing problem to usable computer programs.

Programming Game

Dec 01, 2017


Gameplay Using Programming Commands

Designed for iOS, Cato’s Hike puts students in a hiker’s shoes (either Cato’s or his friend’s—students’ choice) on an odyssey to find a way through the magical world they’ve stumbled into and to get back home. As they engage in the game, students use programming commands to tell their character where to move and how to get past such obstacles as water, rocks, and trees.

Open Source Software Development

Dec 01, 2017


Challenge to Code Open Source Projects

Google’s eighth annual Code-in challenge calls on students aged 13–17 to complete coding tasks on open source projects, with the aim of exposing teenagers to open source software development. To date, some 4,500 students have participated in the Google Code-in challenge, completing more than 23,000 tasks.

Nov 24, 2017


Take an Hour to Plan for Hour of Code

I’m middle-aged. However, when I look at all of the opportunities students have today to learn, I feel young again. Flexible learning spaces, multiple literacies, maker spaces, and coding with kids are ideas that didn't exist when I was young. As an education technology professional and one-time middle school English teacher, coding with kids and coding as literacy are especially appealing to me.

Top 5 Resources in October

Nov 17, 2017


Our Top Five Resources in October

Each month we publish blogs and several newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are items from our blogs and newsletters that educators turned to the most in September.

Computer Educator Award

Nov 01, 2017


Aspirations in Computing Educator Award

The National Center for Women and Information Technology’s (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing Educator Award celebrates educators at the high school level who encourage girls’ interest in technology. Recipients form a national community of peers, share practices, and empower other educators to support the participation of girls in computing.

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