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Cultural Awareness

Becoming aware and understanding cultural beliefs, values, and perceptions.

Jan 15, 2019


SPOTLIGHT! On English Learning with YouTubers

Teachers of English learners can add a spark to their instruction with a new group of celebrities called “YouTubers”—videographers who have gained popularity from their videos for English learners on the video-sharing website YouTube. These YouTubers consistently produce high-quality, engaging videos for ESL and EFL learners.

Jan 15, 2019


Initiative Sharing Voices of Diversity

The I Am From Project was started by retired teacher and author Julie Landsman, who loves poetry and believes in its power to change the world, and freelance writer and teacher George Ella Lyon, who served as Kentucky Poet Laureate (2015–2016) and is particularly interested in the poetry of witness.

Jan 03, 2019


First-Person Narrative of Life As a Young Jew During World War II

A journal written in Poland during World War II describes the details of the life of a Jewish girl, Renia Spiegel, from age 15 to 18, as the war unfolded.

Jan 03, 2019


Culturally Responsive Learning Experiences Through a Music Lens

Steven Van Zandt—the musician, actor, and music and theater producer—is the force behind an education project that uses the history of rock music as a way of teaching US history and culture. Students learn US history through a musical lens with the help of lessons created by historians and curriculum experts that are interdisciplinary and available online for free.

Mukuyuni Bridge Kenya

Dec 07, 2018


Building Relationships and Empathy with EdTech

One of the most powerful moments in my 22 years of teaching occurred on the last day of the school year. 

During the first week of school, my students in rural Pennsylvania played a game via Skype with a group of students in a rural Kenyan village. During that call, they learned of a bridge in the village so dangerous that many children were not able to go to school because of it. Over the course of the school year, the children in Kenya taught my students how to garden. In exchange, my students designed and fundraised to replace that bridge. 

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