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Mar 01, 2019


Entrepreneurship Curriculum—From Product to Pitch

A program of the nonprofit Uncharted Learning, INCubatoredu for high school youth blends an entrepreneurship curriculum with an experiential approach to traditional business subjects. In the yearlong course, students have the opportunity to create and fully develop their own product or service.

Mar 01, 2019


3D Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company has taken Shakespeare’s most iconic play to the cutting edge of immersive storytelling in Hamlet 360: Thy Father’s Spirit, using the power of virtual reality (VR) to plunge viewers into Hamlet’s harrowing journey. This cinematic 360-degree adaptation explores new dimensions of the photoplay medium by casting the viewer as the Ghost of Hamlet’s dead father.

Mar 01, 2019


Online Course Focusing on News Literacy Skills

Founded in 2008, the News Literacy Project (NLP) helps students and teachers discern fact from fiction in the digital age. In May 2016, the project launched Checkology, an online interactive course that helps students understand and appreciate the role of the press, introduces them to different types of news—from entertainment to opinion to branded content—and teaches them the critical thinking skills they’ll need to spot misinformation.

2019 International Literacy Association Conference

Mar 01, 2019

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Literacy Resources

The International Literacy Association 2019 Conference

How can educators and administrators create the environment students need to reach their full potential in the classroom and throughout their lives? By infusing literacy in every aspect of education! The ILA 2019 Conference is your chance to learn how to create and grow a thriving culture of literacy in your school, district, and community—one that not only inspires and empowers students and teachers, but also sets them up for greater success. ILA 2019 offers two full days of professional learning on the topics you want, delivered in a variety of styles; two optional additional days of deep-dive learning into children’s literature and today’s hottest literacy topics; and a well-rounded program of research-based and peer-reviewed sessions to help you empower your students and create an inclusive learning community. Visit to register.

Harry Potter Podcast

Feb 15, 2019


Podcast Analyzing the Harry Potter Series

At the beginning of February 2019, the podcastBinge Mode” concluded its eight-month run of 70 episodes discussing every chapter of the seven books in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Students can jump on their brooms and explore all the episodes of the Harry Potter podcast on the Binge Mode website or in iTunes.

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