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integrating arts into the curriculum

Feb 01, 2019


Tool for Creating Arts-Integrated Curricula

The Phillips Collection’s education team collaborated with K–12 teachers and researchers to develop Prism.K12, an innovative teaching tool for K–12 teachers—of any subject—to create rich arts-integrated curricula. Prism.K12 helps teachers enhance current lessons or build new ones from scratch.

Social Emotional Learning Gamification

Feb 01, 2019


Reading Curriculum Supporting Social–Emotional Learning

Read to Lead, a free award-winning supplemental reading program from Classroom, Inc., is designed to increase literacy, leadership, and 21st-century skills. This research-based program embeds social–emotional learning throughout its modules by developing students’ decision-making, empathy, and goal-setting abilities, all while increasing their reading skills.

Get your sample headset from Avid

Feb 01, 2019

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Ready to Raise the Bar for State Testing?

AVID Education provides high-quality audio equipment that is reliable and strong enough to withstand the rigors of the classroom environment. Meeting state testing equipment requirements can be difficult, and AVID is making it easy for educators when choosing headsets. Using the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System as a baseline, AVID developed the AE-55 headset. Designed for comfort and performance, the headset features a 270-degree rotating noise-canceling microphone, adjustable and ambidextrous design, advanced sound quality, chew-resistant cord, and leatherette ear pads for easy cleaning. The AE-55 is available in orange or blue and in class packs of 12 or 24 headsets with a reinforced storage case. Get your free AE-55 sample today while supplies last. Providing quality, innovation, and value that enhances the learning experience remains at the heart of the AVID mission.

storytelling podcast

Feb 01, 2019


Storytelling Podcast Bringing Folktales to Life

Circle Round is a storytelling podcast geared to children aged 4–10. Created and produced by parents of young children, Circle Round tells carefully selected folktales from around the world.

Jan 15, 2019


Video Series on Constitutional History and Civic Holidays

Created and produced by the National Constitution Center, Constitution Hall Pass features the museum’s education staff, distinguished scholars, and even some well-known faces who bring the story of America’s democracy to life. Through this free video series, students will explore America’s civic holidays and constitutional history.

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