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Oct 01, 2020


Hispanic Heritage Celebrated Through Film

Students can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which started September 15 and ends October 15, through the lens of several films available for free viewing via Kanopy with a library card.

explore the connections between music

Oct 01, 2020


Webs Displaying the Genealogies and Relationships of Popular Music Genres

The Musicmap is the ultimate genealogy of popular music genres, including their relations and history. More than 230 genres are connected in intricate webs of influence, mapped in a zoomable visual interface and linked to explanatory articles and representative playlists.

digital literacy

Oct 01, 2020


Curriculum for Evaluating the Trustworthiness of Online Sources

Misinformation runs rampant online. How can educators help students navigate this treacherous terrain? The Stanford History Education Group’s Civic Online Reasoning (COR) curriculum features 67 free lessons and assessments that teach students the methods fact-checkers use to sort fact from fiction by evaluating the trustworthiness of online sources.

Literacy and Math Focus Skills

Oct 01, 2020

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Focus on What Matters the Most

Whether you’re teaching in person, remotely, or in a hybrid model, it’s critical to close learning gaps this school year. Renaissance Focus Skills help you prioritize instruction by focusing on the most essential skills first. Focus Skills are based on your state standards and show you what every student needs to learn for success. Download literacy and math Focus Skills for free.

Sep 15, 2020


Writing Curriculum Offering Teens a Creative Outlet in Extraordinary Times

The New York Times Learning Network is again offering middle schools and high schools a free, flexible seven-unit writing program based on the real-world writing found in newspapers—from editorials and reviews to personal narratives and informational essays.


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