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VR apps about Egypt and Pluto

Jan 03, 2020


Virtual Reality Journey Through the Tomb of Nefertari

Students don’t need to pack their bags to step inside the tomb of Nefertari and bask in the story of its beautiful artistry, majestic history, fascinating construction, and mythology. They can head off on their adventure by downloading Nefertari: Journey to Eternity, a virtual reality experience that invites them to embark on an educational journey into one of the world’s most stunning and mysterious locations.

digital journalism curriculum

Jan 03, 2020


Curriculum Fostering Journalistic Inquiry and Media Learning

The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs is building the next generation of public media with a digital journalism curriculum, as well as local PBS station mentors and the opportunity to tell important community stories to the world. The program creates educational experiences for middle school and high school students in classrooms and afterschool environments.

Jan 03, 2020


Curriculum on Issues Related to Presidential Powers and Voting Rights

The LBJ Presidential Library provides freely downloadable curriculum resources for addressing the issues during Lyndon Johnson’s presidency. In the collection, teachers will find activities and accompanying primary source materials on civil rights, voting rights, elections, presidential powers, and more.

Jan 03, 2020


Program to Activate the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Young People

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) offers a global online entrepreneurship experience that challenges students to develop innovative solutions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. NFTE’s Pathway begins by igniting students’ imagination.

Bestselling professional resources from Scholastic Education

Dec 02, 2019

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Meet Every Student’s Literacy Goals

Deepen your practice and facilitate conversations about teaching, learning, equity, and literacy achievement with bestselling professional resources from Scholastic Education. From foundational skills and fluency to guided and independent reading and writing, Scholastic provides expert strategies to help students excel. All books include access to online professional learning.


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