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thoughtful political expression

Nov 15, 2019


Space for Respectful Discourse Around Civics-Related Issues

Youth Nation was created by Rutgers University’s Social–Emotional and Character Development (SECD) Lab for adolescents to exercise political expression and hear from other youth around the country. The website is intended to show students how they can push their limits and understand themselves through thoughtful stories.

Language around the world and Google Earth

Nov 15, 2019


Google Project Raising Awareness of Indigenous Languages

Users of Google Earth can hear more than 50 indigenous language speakers from across the globe saying words and simple phrases and even singing traditional songs. The project, called Celebrating Indigenous Languages, honors the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Native American history folklore videos

Nov 15, 2019


Videos Presenting Histories and Stories of Native Americans

Native American Heritage Month is a time to introduce students to the rich cultures and histories of indigenous peoples in the United States. With Described and Captioned Media’s accessible videos, students learn about the histories, achievements, dances, languages, and stories of Native Americans.

Census Statistics Demographics Activities

Nov 01, 2019


Activities Bolstering Interpretation and Analysis of Population Trends

The United States Census Bureau has released “Statistics in Schools,” a free K–12 curriculum that features 20 lessons to help students understand why being counted in 2020 is important.

Plagiarism detection from TurnItIn

Nov 01, 2019

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Empower Educators to Teach Originality

With Turnitin Feedback Studio’s similarity checking service, leverage the world’s largest collection of internet, academic, and student paper content. Teaching originality requires more than just plagiarism detection. Paired with commenting and grading tools and classroom resources, Feedback Studio helps teach students the value of their authentic voice.


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