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Carl Sandburg Poetry

Nov 01, 2019


Film and Contest Encouraging Students to Write Poetry

Carl Sandburg provided a popular voice for Americans of the twentieth century and still speaks to people through his words, activism, and music. The film Where to? Where Next? explores Carl Sandburg’s history, family, love of words, and hope for the future of America.

global literature

Nov 01, 2019


Initiative to Increase the Availability of International Literature

The Global Literature in Libraries Initiative is intended to raise the visibility of world literature for adults and children at the local, national, and international levels by facilitating close and direct collaboration between translators, librarians, publishers, editors, and educators.

Bestselling professional resources from Scholastic Education

Nov 01, 2019

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Meet Every Student’s Literacy Goals

Deepen your practice and facilitate conversations about teaching, learning, equity, and literacy achievement with bestselling professional resources from Scholastic Education. From foundational skills and fluency to guided and independent reading and writing, Scholastic provides expert strategies to help students excel. All books include access to online professional learning.

ClassLink empowers your students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources.

Nov 01, 2019

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More Time Learning, Less Time Logging In

ClassLink empowers students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources. ClassLink LaunchPad includes a library of more than 6,000 single sign-on apps and instant links to file folders at school and on Google, Office 365, Box, and Dropbox cloud drives. ClassLink Analytics gives decision-makers the usage data they need. Your school district has invested heavily in the adoption of digital learning resources, but how much do you know about how often they are actually used? Find the answers you’re looking for with reports accessible on any device.

Anti bullying materials

Oct 15, 2019


Campaign to Prevent Peer-to-Peer Bullying

October marks National Bullying Prevention Month, an occasion initiated by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, which brings together communities around the world to unite in a campaign to keep all youth safe from bullying.


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