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Mar 02, 2020


News Stories Reported by Young People

The international television program Teen Kids News (TKN) highlights stories about young people doing amazing things and helping to make the world a better place. TKN journalists (all young people!) report on everything that is fun, interesting, or important in their world.

Feb 17, 2020


Open-Licensed Global Storybooks: From Arabic to Zulu

A team based at the University of British Columbia in Canada has developed a literacy portal, Global Storybooks, which hosts custom sites with multilingual, open-licensed books from more than 40 countries and regions on five continents. The portal is intended to help democratize global flows of information and resources, facilitate language learning—including Indigenous languages—and promote literacy.

Compare world constitutions

Feb 17, 2020


Lesson Plans to Bring the World’s Constitutions into the Classroom

The Comparative Constitutions Project (CCP) launched Constitute in collaboration with Google Ideas in 2013. Accessible in English, Spanish, and Arabic, Constitute is an online environment to read, search, and compare the world’s constitutions.

literacy and black history month

Feb 17, 2020


Black History Month: Celebrating Diversity in Literature

The National African American Read-In is the nation’s first and oldest event dedicated to diversity in literature. The initiative was established in 1990 by the National Council of Teachers of English to make literacy a significant part of Black History Month, and since that time, it has reached more than 6 million participants around the world.

Interactive infographic on creative people

Feb 17, 2020


Daily Routines of Famous Creative People has designed an interactive infographic of the daily routines of 26 creators—from W. H. Auden to Immanuel Kant, from Flannery O’Connor to Franz Kafka. The daily routines are as varied as the people who follow them, although long walks and a very early wakeup time are common to many.


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