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Virtual Tour of Egypt

Sep 05, 2018


3D Virtual Tour of Egypt’s Historical Sites

Describing Egypt offers visitors a growing bank of 360-degree virtual tours showcasing some of Egypt’s historical sites. The tours currently focus on the Ancient Egyptian Tombs of The 30 Dynasties reign, which spans across 3,000 years (2,859 years to be exact, from BCE 3200 to BCE 341).

Oral history of mixed-heritage Americans.

Sep 05, 2018


Interdisciplinary Curriculum on Heritage and Identity

A project of the Brooklyn Historical Society, Voices of Mixed Heritage: Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations is a free interdisciplinary curriculum designed for grades 6–12. Students and educators are invited to engage with the topic of mixed heritage and identity in the United States from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

Education Podcasts

Sep 05, 2018


Real-World Podcasts to Elevate Listening Comprehension

Listenwise harnesses the power of listening to advance literacy and learning in all students. Listenwise Premium pairs curriculum-aligned podcasts and public radio with learning tools and listening comprehension assessments to transform them into rigorous academic content.

Science curriculum from the Smithsonian

Sep 05, 2018


Inquiry-based Learning Experiences Focusing on Sustainability

Smithsonian Science for Global Goals is a new, freely available curriculum that uses the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development as a framework to focus on sustainable actions to local problems, defined and implemented by students.

Gamification 21st Century Skills

Aug 23, 2018


Reading Curriculum That Embeds Social Emotional Learning

Read to Lead, a free award-winning supplemental reading program from Classroom, Inc., is designed to increase literacy, leadership, and 21st-century skills.

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