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StoneWare - Simple, Reliable Classroom Management Software

Dec 01, 2015

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Maintain Security While Providing Greater Access

Stoneware’s LanSchool delivers a unified workspace where teachers and students can access everything they need from wherever they are located. Users have freedom and flexibility to access resources from any device, extending education beyond classroom walls. LanSchool enables key initiatives such as personalized learning, 1:1/BYOD, and Common Core assessment delivery.

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PBS POV Documentaries

Dec 01, 2015


Foster Dialogue About Social Issues

PBS’s POV documentaries are a valuable resource for teachers and students. Did you know that more than 80 POV films are available to educators and librarians for free? Use the companion lesson plans to present POV films to your class.

Investigate History Case Studies

Dec 01, 2015


Spot Clues to Crack the Case

Historical Scene Investigation (H.S.I.) offers an engaging way for students to investigate history through primary documents and images. H.S.I. presents students with historical cases to “crack.” Each of the 13 cases provides students with clues to analyze in order to form a conclusion to each investigation.

Syrian Refugee Resources

Dec 01, 2015


Encourage Understanding of Refugees

Published by the Cultural Orientation Resource CenterCenter for Applied Linguistics (CAL), the Refugee Backgrounder provides resettlement communities with basic information about Syrian refugees. It includes a brief guide to Syria’s history, people, and cultures and looks at the current crisis in Syria and conditions faced by refugees. 

Native American Heritage

Nov 16, 2015


View History from the Native American Perspective

During Native American Heritage Month, teachers and students can celebrate the history, culture, and traditions of American Indians and Alaska Natives in a special collection of films, short stories, and other resources from PBS.

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