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Blooms Taxonomy

Sep 15, 2015


Grow Students’ Thinking

To help teachers ask questions that encourage student reflection and higher-order thinking, TeachThought has created a list of question stems appropriate for each of the six levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

Tween Tribune Smithsonian

Sep 01, 2015


Foster Daily News-Reading Habits

TweenTribune, a news site from the Smithsonian Institution, provides daily news articles for students. The articles are selected by professional journalists working in collaboration with teachers and students. As a Smithsonian resource, the website has a plethora of science- and history-focused articles. 

International Literacy Day

Sep 01, 2015


Start a Literacy Movement

International Literacy Day is about focusing attention on worldwide literacy needs. For this International Literacy Day, the International Literacy Association (ILA), formerly the International Reading Association, has compiled a kit of creative classroom ideas and student activities centered on the collective action theme The Power of the People: Start a Literacy Movement.

Vocabulary Academic Word Finder

Sep 01, 2015


Find High-Value Vocabulary Words

The Academic Word Finder is a tool from Student Achievement Partners that utilizes the three-tier vocabulary system described in Isabel Beck’s book Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction, by identifying Tier 2 words. These are high-frequency words that appear across several content areas. 

Maximize the potential of your BYOD initiatives with classroom management & orchestration software

Sep 01, 2015

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Maximize the Potential of Your BYOD Initiatives

Collaborate and deliver lesson content to your touch-enabled Windows 10 devices with all new NetSupport School 12, offering genuine multi-platform support. Instructors can visually interact with, apply e-Safety controls, and deliver assessment to any student desktop and BYOD technology across Windows, Chrome, iOS, and Android platforms.

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