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Student Engagement with Classlink

Mar 15, 2021

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How Fulton Keeps 94,000 Students Engaged with ClassLink

Dr. Emily Bell, Chief Information Officer for Fulton County Schools, in Georgia, says ClassLink helps her district’s 94,000 students stay engaged, whether they are remote or in class. Students access digital resources from one place with one login, while leaders and teachers track engagement with usage analytics. Bell says using ClassLink Analytics, teachers can monitor which digital resources students engage with and for how long, allowing them to step in quickly when students need support. “For us, ClassLink is an important element in our success whether we are in school or in remote learning,” says Bell.

Program to help underserved youth.

Mar 01, 2021


Cultural and Historical Perspectives of New Orleans Music

The Preservation Hall Foundation has unveiled Preservation Hall Lessons, a free series of online music lessons for K–12 students co-created by the foundation and members of the Preservation Hall community of musicians. The lessons include content focused on introductory and advanced techniques for the range of instruments in a traditional jazz band.

African American Music Museum

Mar 01, 2021


Achievements and Influences of African American Music

In 2016 the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville, Tennessee, created programs to educate the community on the concept of cultural appropriation, specifically related to African American music. The museum has now partnered with QuaverEd to bring the museum’s school curriculum, From Nothing to Something, into the digital space.

K-12 Student Measurement

Mar 01, 2021

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Measurement Tools That Promote Learning and Progress

For the past 70 years, ETS has been driven by a vision of what’s possible when all people can improve their lives through education. It’s why ETS’s uncompromising commitment to equity and fairness is behind everything ETS does.

library of congress digital archive

Mar 01, 2021


23 Early Presidential Collections Digitized

Although it’s not quite the same as being in the room where it happened, poring over Thomas Jefferson’s handwritten rough draft of the Declaration of Independence—complete with edits and scratched-out words—will likely offer any American history student a thrill.


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