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Blooms Taxonomy

Sep 15, 2015


Grow Students’ Thinking

To help teachers ask questions that encourage student reflection and higher-order thinking, TeachThought has created a list of question stems appropriate for each of the six levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

Spread of US Slavery

Sep 15, 2015


Shape Understanding of Emancipation

University of Richmond’s Visualizing Emancipation aggregates and visualizes various information related to slavery during the American Civil War: its legality according to the US government, movements of US Army regiments, and documentation of the institution’s destruction. Learners can view maps based on particular options, such as Union Army Location, or filter by a source (for example, personal papers) or event (African Americans helping the Union). 

Depth of Knowledge Common Core

Sep 15, 2015


Dig Deep into Knowledge

In 1997 research scientist Norman L. Webb developed a process and criteria for systematically analyzing the alignment between standards and standardized assessments. 

StoneWare - Simple, Reliable Classroom Management Software

Sep 15, 2015

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Maintain Security While Providing Greater Access

Stoneware’s LanSchool delivers a unified workspace where teachers and students can access everything they need from wherever they are located. Users have freedom and flexibility to access resources from any device, extending education beyond classroom walls. LanSchool enables key initiatives such as personalized learning, 1:1/BYOD, and Common Core assessment delivery.

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Poster Parts of Speech

Sep 15, 2015


Get Inspired by ET

Pop Chart Lab has created a poster that illustrates the parts of speech with the help of famous figures from movies, television, music, and literature. For example, Walter White breaks down concrete and abstract nouns.

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