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Digital Literacy

Applying and using technology  effectively as a research, organization, and evaluation tool; using digital technologies and social networks to access, manage, create, and evaluate information successfully.

Facebook's Youth Portal is a resource for kids and teens to learn online safety and digital creativity.

Jun 01, 2018


Portal for Deepening Youth Connections

Facebook has released a new Youth Portal in 60 languages, which offers some guidance to teens on how to navigate the service and stay secure, while helping them understand how their data are used.

Teach students digital storytelling and multimedia skills through Voices of Youth's online filmmaking workshops.

Jun 01, 2018


Tools for Sharpening Multimedia Skills

Voices of Youth (VOY) is all about blogging, filming, interviewing, and storytelling. On the VOY website, students will find easy-to-use resources that can help them to sharpen their multimedia skills. These tools are meant for young people who enjoy expressing themselves through media but feel they can still improve their skills.

Digital Story Telling and Ed

Apr 13, 2018


Digital Storytelling as an Educational Tool

In this installment of our Digital Storytelling Series, Jason Ohler provides a framework for using digital storytelling (DST) to enhance educational standards. He also suggests ways to incorporate new media development into future versions of those standards.

Stop Cyberbullying

Mar 23, 2018


How Teachers Can Stop Cyberbullying

Editor’s note: Teacher Trevor Muir shares his experience with bullying as a student and compares it to cyberbullying today. He offers educators insights into how to fight cyberbullying and empower students to stand against bullying.

Tranisitioning Plans Deaf Hard of Hearing

Mar 22, 2018


Online Curriculum for Transition-aged Students Who Are Hearing Impaired

Many resources are available to help students transition from school to work or college, although most do not take into account the unique experiences students who are deaf or hard of hearing encounter in choosing a college and/or a career. Map It: What Comes Next? is a free online curriculum module for use with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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