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music access underserved

Feb 03, 2020


Scholarship Grant to Encourage Musical Innovation

The nonprofit Black Violin Foundation (BVF) works with youth in their communities by providing access to quality music programs that encourage creativity. The organization’s long-term goal is to empower youth to color outside the lines and push the boundaries of music through innovation.

writing competition

Feb 03, 2020


Essay Competition Introducing Korean Culture Through Literature

The Sejong Writing Competition, presented by the Sejong Cultural Society in collaboration with the Korea Institute, Harvard University, and the Literature Translation Institute of Korea, introduces students to Korean culture through literature and poetry. The competition is open to all residents of the United States and Canada regardless of ethnic background.

Humanitarian award for young people.

Feb 03, 2020


Prize Honoring Young People for Humanitarian and Environmental Service Work

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes enters its twentieth year of recognizing inspiring, public-spirited young people from across the United States and Canada. Established by author T. A. Barron, the Barron Prize honors 25 outstanding young leaders, aged 8 to 18, who have made a significant, positive difference to people and the environment.

Graphic Design Competition

Feb 03, 2020


Award for Achievement in Graphic Arts

Sponsored by the Graphics Communications Education Association (GCEA), the Gutenberg Award recognizes exceptional achievement in the field of graphic arts. Awards are available for Print Media, Web Publishing, and Photography.

Jan 15, 2020


NPR Student Podcast Challenge

NPR invites students around the country to create a podcast and then—with the help of a teacher—compete for a chance to win NPR’s grand prize and have their work featured on national public radio. This contest is for teachers with students between grades 5 and 12.


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