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Aug 03, 2020


Leadership Program for Youth Organizers and Change-Makers

Now is the moment for students to become the leaders the world needs. Peace First is launching the Black Unity Initiative for Leadership Development (B.U.I.L.D.) program for Black leaders aged 13–25. Throughout the program, participants will receive a $250 stipend, peer mentorship, personalized coaching, skills-based workshops for social change, and more.

STEM Challenge

Jun 01, 2020


Open-Ended STEAM-based Challenges Fostering Creativity and Curiosity

All kindergarten through university-level students worldwide are invited to participate in Destination Imagination’s (DI) open-ended STEAM-based challenges by forming teams of up to seven members, selecting their preferred Challenge, and working together to develop a solution.

math competition for girls

Jun 01, 2020


Challenge to Girls to Demonstrate Exceptional Math Talents

Each fall at MIT, nearly 300 young female mathematicians in grade 11 or below compete in Advantage Testing Foundation’s challenging test of mathematical creativity and insight. The goal is to promote gender equity in the STEM professions and to encourage young women with exceptional potential to become mathematical and scientific leaders.

Teacher of the Year Award

Jun 01, 2020


Award for Exceptional English Language Teaching

The TESOL Teacher of the Year Award was created by TESOL and National Geographic Learning to recognize and pay tribute to exceptional English language teachers at all levels. Applicants will be evaluated on their ability to create a supportive and encouraging learning environment by providing quality language instruction based on well-articulated theory, philosophy, educational research, and best practices. 

find funding for food

May 15, 2020


COVID-19 Emergency School Nutrition Funding

GENYOUth is awarding grants of up to $3,000 to support emergency school nutrition programs in response to the novel coronavirus crisis. The grants are intended for resources and equipment for meal distribution and delivery.


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